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Want to play poker in a more simplified way? Then video poker games are your best option. This is the more abridged version of the original poker game wherein you will not be competing with other poker players and you alone will be competing against the dealer.

Video Poker: Experience the Thrill with your Online Casino Bonus

The game takes place on a computer screen with the same rules as the classic poker game and precisely what the name implies, it is played on a video screen and not in a traditional poker table anymore. The machine is usually mistaken to be the same as the one in slots but, the fact is, these two games are completely different. If you take a closer look at these machines you’ll notice that the slots have spinning reels while video poker has cards.

Another major difference of these two popular casino games is that slot machine results are based on pure luck, while skills play a major role in winning at video poker. With slot machines, a player simply pushes a button in order to wager. Later on the reels will stop and the set of symbols on the window will be the basis whether a prize has been won or not. Video slot machines basics, however, are completely different. Players are given the opportunity to choose the cards that they would like to keep or discard, and in the end this will determine the outcome of the game.

As fun as the classic game

Playing video poker is as fun as playing the classic poker game. If you know the basics of the poker game then you certainly will not have a hard time learning how to play video poker since the two games are very much identical and only has a few contrasts. As a player, your main goal is to get the best hand, just like the way you play a five-card draw poker game. The game starts with the video poker machine dealing five cards on the screen and you, as the player, will decide to either discard all, some, or none of your cards. Keeping your cards means that you need to hold them and once you have chosen which ones to hold and discard, the cards will be dealt again. The discarded cards are replaced with new ones. The result of the game will be based on the final hand that you chose, and will be based on the pay table if you have a winning hand such as Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Two Pair and Jacks or Better.

Playing without the tables

It is also designed for players who are not fond of the poker table but still have the urge to play. Instead of competing with other players and guessing whether they are bluffing or not, video poker lets you compete only with the dealer, making it a one-on-one game where the winner could either be you or the dealer. Here, there is no intimidation or pressure and you have more time for concentration compared to the classic poker where the tables can be very nerve-wracking and uneasy, especially when everyone is under pressure. It’s just you and the dealer. You’ll have a less stressful gaming environment since there will be no other players in the session but you, and there are no noisy or congesting tables that could surely affect your decision-making skills while wagering.

The virtual video poker machines

And if you thought that video poker games have reached their momentum then you’ll be surprised to see that there are more remarkable online versions. Now this game has come a long way and has reached the online gambling world to give you a better set of video poker games online. This casino allows you to play the game with higher payback rates not from a real gambling den but from your very own computer. And what’s more interesting is that better variety of games is available online so you don’t need to go to different casinos just to try out these varieties. In fact, you can even play video poker online to practice and sharpen your gambling skills using the play for fun versions. The game also comes in many different variations that also have better payout ratios so if the classic version of video poker bores you then you can simply switch to another variant and have fun playing poker against the dealer.

Get your casino online bonus and earn extra cash rewards

Online video poker has become recently popular. Aside from the challenge it presents, its low house edge made it even more appealing to gambling enthusiasts. Bonus for video poker are increasingly varied, however, they are equally interesting. There are two types of video poker bonus: the cashable and non-cashable video poker bonus. The former allows for bonus withdrawals, even if you are in the middle of your playing hours, as soon as the requirements for clearing the bonus are fulfilled. Non-cashable video poker bonus is credited to a player’s account almost immediately. Most video poker sign up bonus comes in the form of extra cash rewards when you register at a casino site. These are given as additional perks to welcome customers. However, to clear these plum cash prizes, additional wagering requirements may first be fulfilled.

The basic wagering requirements powered by the major software developers of different casinos are discussed below:

• Microgaming – considered as the casino with the highest wagering requirement at 8% for the video poker bets and about 20x wager

•Playtech – rollover fulfillment counts as 20% and the wager makes up to 20x

•Rival – has an average of 35x wagers, as well as the best conditions for all types of bonuses for video poker

•RTG – also offers a competitive bonus terms for online video poker

Another exciting offering is the Double Double Bonus. How it works may discourage some players, however, it is one of the most popular gives the most lucrative of rewards. This casino video poker bonus works when you get four aces, 2s, or 4s, accompanied by a fifth card called the “kicker”, having the same hand as that of a four-of-a-kind. What’s special about this video poker bonus is that the payout is doubled the amount once a kicker is present.

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