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baccaratSimple basics explained

A lot of people walk by and see the baccarat table in casinos and in most cases they really don’t know what to think about this game but, the irony is baccarat is easy and equally-fun to play. There is a minor difference in the actual casino version and that of online baccarat. In the former, the players act as a banker during their turn; whereas, in the latter, the role of the banker is automatically assumed by the dealer.

Baccarat is known for its simplicity, and as a player of this card game you have only two effortless decisions to make. First, which do you need to bet on- the player or the banker, or is going to be a tie? Second, for how much your bet is going to be. Compared with Blackjack where every decision affects the outcome of your hand, in Baccarat the one that has the most impact is deciding which one to bet on. It does not matter what happens with the cards. No matter what you as a player does, the cards are going to follow a certain set of rules and only one of the three choices to bet on is going to win.

The best way to think of baccarat is like the toss of a coin. When you toss a coin up in the air and it lands, it’s either going to be heads or tails. Baccarat is basically the same thing. If you look at the layout of the baccarat table, you’ll see two betting circles: one for the player and one for the bank. With every hand, the cards will come out; follow a certain set of rules and most of the time either the player or the banker will win. Occasionally, based on the rules and the cards that come out, there will be a tie where the total amount of points in the banker and player’s hands are the same. A tie doesn’t happen very much, but when they do and you bet on this option then you will be paid 8:1.

How to play the game

When you play baccarat the dealer will be dispensing two cards to the player which is the betting circles that you see on the table. It is important to remember that the player doesn’t necessarily represent you and the other circle which you see that is labeled as bank doesn’t represent the house. They are just like heads and tails on a coin. In the game, the player’s cards are always turned over first. In baccarat, point values are essentially what the cards say but any value of 10 is zero. For example, the player turned an Ace and a 7, where the Ace is worth 1 and the 7 is worth 7. In this scenario, the player has a total of 8. Let’s say the bank has a 9 and a 7. In blackjack, the hand value will be equivalent to 16 but in baccarat it is just 6 because values of 10 are always zero.

With this game, the best hand that you can get is a 9 because that’s the highest total that any two cards could total without a value of 10. There’s a specific rule than when a total of 8 or 9 comes up, the hand will stop. This is called a natural hand and is similar in blackjack where you get a value of 21 and there’s no need for you to draw any more cards because you automatically win the game. When you get a hand that totals to an 8 or a 9, the hand wins. The cards have rules that they have to follow and naturals don’t come up in every hand so most of the time you have to draw more cards.

As simple as toss of a coin 

The really great thing about this game is just like betting on a toss of a coin. You don’t really have to know how the rules work. In fact, you don’t have to be an expert just to win. All you have to do is pick which one of the three options is going to win and bet on it. There is no strategy that you can use to make any changes on the result of each game so basically you are left with just a choice of placing a bet on the player, the bank or a tie.

Baccarat online casino bonus offers

Assuming that you undertake a sound playing strategy, you can enjoy an assortment ofonline baccarat extras that will surely add flavor to the way you play.

Welcome bonus

The biggest one that you can receive is the baccarat sign up bonus which you can easily get every time you join an online casino. You have the liberty of choosing a gambling site that offers a no-deposit option to be eligible for a bonus, or try signing up with one that gives you an opportunity to earn extra money by depositing to your account first, or fulfilling betting requirements.


Another common free baccarat bonus no deposit given to its patrons is from referrals of friends to sign up at a casino where you play. You get a monetary reward for inviting other players. An extra compensation may also await you once your friends make a deposit and are retained as customers of the casino.

VIP programs

High rollers will appreciate the VIP program offered by online casino sites. Rarely will you see a site who does not offer an extended life line to their very important players. Joining the ranks of the elite would mean additional perks of earning more cash and getting the most of your money.

Those that religiously deposit on their accounts will surely enjoy the rewarding best baccarat reward of receiving a percentage of your deposit, up to a maximum of a certain amount. Who wouldn’t want free cash? You will have more funds and increases your chances of playing more games and thus, your chances of winning will be even be higher.

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